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Our role as an expert in property valuation is to show the real returns from your rental property and maximize the value of it. We provide a property analysis that includes all necessary information to present your property to the highest possible standard:

property property
Hello, Robert You investment returns have increased by 25% in a year, compared to last year! Detailed report in your email. Hello, Glen Thank you! Great job!
Market and property analysis

Demographic, socio-graphic and geographic factors

Competitive analysis with other relevant properties in the local market (age, condition and amenities).

Physical and technical factors (design, room sizes, cooling system, etc)

Financial analysis of your property

Purchase pricing (cost information, renovation costs, etc.)

Income information

Operating expenses (insurance, licenses, property taxes, repairs and maintenance, advertising expenses)

Tenancy analysis

Information about tenants

Historical vacancy rate

Tenant history

Full property management

Rental properties that look attractive achieve higher rents and let more quickly

Our service Full rental property management honolulu allows our customers sit back and relax. Let our trusted team of contractors handle the remodel and maintenance of your rental house.

We will inspect your property regularly and deal with any repairs

Each property manager honolulu at Hawaii Trusted Realty is an experienced, fully licensed and insured contractor who can complete
a wide range of property maintenance projects.

Trust us to offer everything from landscaping services to repairing HVAC systems.

Our team is transparent about what it will take to make your rental house earn more and attract better tenants.


Minimize your void period

As an experienced company of property management in hawaii, we understand that void periods can be a serious headache for our customers.

When a rental property is not occupied, landlords have no income from their investment. However, they are still responsible for maintenance, mortgages, insurance and other taxes.

Extended void periods have great negative impacts on the monthly cash flow and end of year income of rental properties.

It is essential to manage void periods thoroughly to ensure they are as short as possible

At our honolulu property management company, we know how to minimize the risk of being caught up in void periods, and avoid the related costs as well. Our professionals will manage void periods as a tool to increase income.

You can rely on us, as we strive to protect your investment, taking reasonable precautionary measures to minimize void periods and maximize profits.

Show your rental ads at the TOP positions

Our company of hawaii property management has special options for our customers. When you order our service Full Property Management, we help to make the most out of your property posting your rental advertising at the top positions of our listing. This is an effective tool for finding a great tenant quickly, which provides you with a regular income. We know how to drive targeted traffic for Hawaiian rental properties.

Our property managers honolulu hi will minimize your effort     and maximize your results     .

We understand that finding the right strategies for your target market is essential. All you need to do is to give a comprehensive property list with a detailed information of your rental property.

$2 000
747 Amoua St APT 1720
For rent
$1 900
747 Amoua St APT 1720
For rent
$2 700
747 Amoua St APT 1720
For rent
$3 000
747 Amoua St APT 1720
For rent
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We deal with all legal and economic issues

An essential element of successful property management in honolulu is compliance with laws and regulations set forth in Hawaii. There are technical and legal complications that must be followed, from collecting security deposits, handling a renter that missed payments, marketing the property, and many more.

We’ll free you from all the stress so you can just focus on watching your investment growth.

Due to our experience, property owners can rest assured that our quality service is beneficial.

Protect your time and your investment with our professional hawaii property manager.


Your Investment Property is in Safe Hands

It’s a great success to find high-quality tenants because they make your business run smoother and reduce costs of your rental property. Tenant screening is an important part of property management honolulu rentals, however it’s also one of the most tedious processes that takes much time.

We conduct thorough screening procedures to find tenants with the best rental history, financial resources and payment habits. Our customers can be assured they will receive problem-free tenants who pay their rent on time.

Our professional company of west hawaii property management invests time and effort to screen potential tenants for your property.To protect your investment we will find tenants who take proper care of your rental property.

High level of responsibility

Hawaii Trusted Realty believes customer care is the most important part of the business. If you have a rental property in Hawaii, our professional company is ready to manage your investment expertly.
With years of experience in residential property, we provide a service of property management honolulu rentals that is both professional and adapted to the needs of each property owner. The approach we take to property management is unique and exclusive. It is important for our company to ensure
the profitability excellent reputation
building maintenance tenancy of a residential investment property as soon as possible
The man, who stands behind this company, wants the customers to be always satisfied with our service and takes responsibility of each part of the business.
That's why we consistently strive to improve our services and upgrade technologies, so our customers can be certain their property is in safe hands.
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