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Property Management Company in Hawaii

We are a young but progressive property management company Honolulu that knows all the intricacies of real estate. The HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY company is well versed in all aspects of hawaii property management, including industry-leading expertise in numerous related services for real estate.

Whether you’re a real estate professional, member of a community association, or commercial property owner, we have the services, contacts, technology, and know-how to guide you through the sales, leasing, and management process from beginning to end, no matter your needs. With our team you can get professional valuation reports from industry experts and licensed real estate appraisers.

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is a full-service company of property management in honolulu hi. By choosing us, you will be working with a qualified and professional hawaii property manager at an affordable price. Our professional staff will allow you the freedom you are looking for when searching a realtor near me. Our clients know that their properties are getting the care that is needed.

How Does Our Property Management Company Work?

Our honolulu property management company handles everything that occurs daily in a rental property. Our experts have knowledge of the real estate industry such as rental industrial property or housing.

We strive to meet the owner's goals, managing rent, tenants, budgets, maintenance, and rental property records. Our managers oahu have knowledge of national and state laws connected with handle security deposits, compliance with property safety standards, the legal methods to screen tenants, terminate leases, and conduct evictions.

By choosing Hawaii Trusted Realty, you will be working with professional property managers in honolulu at one of the lowest prices. Our qualified team provides comprehensive property management service giving you the freedom you are looking for when hiring a property management company. Our customers know that their real estate is getting the care that is needed.

At Hawaii Trusted Realty, we strive to maintain your property, freeing you from the daily management tasks. Our team provides services that are developed to meet the changing demands of the real estate market. We will help you enjoy the benefits of being a property owner not worrying about your investment.

What To Expect From Our Property Management Company

You don't need to look through board of realtors, HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY will provide trusted property management in honolulu that makes your property more attractive at real estate market. If you need realty, our services are adapted to local investors, homeowners, and landlords. We have an extensive portfolio of real estate for sale and surrounding areas.

  • Competitive Management Fees – We offer our pricing structure to deliver the maximum return on investment to our clients.
  • Free evaluation of investment property – We provide not only a market analysis of property management honolulu rentals but also suggested improvements/repairs to increase income.
  • Transparent pricing on maintenance – Our property managers will provide maintenance at-cost, with no mark-up.
  • Screening services – We will check all potential residents for a legal and credit background. Residents will also be carefully screened to make sure they will suit your property.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Some of our programs of rental property management honolulu are developed to keep your property functioning properly (semi-annual gutter cleaning, landscape maintenance, and HVAC maintenance). We will help you avoid potentially larger expenses down the line.
  • Asset Management – You invest your time and money in your property. With the help of capital improvements, HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY will develop a plan to add long-term value to your real estate.

Our Management Services For Commercial Real Estate

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is fully equipped to meet all needs of your commercial property including retail, industrial, office, apartment buildings or housing developments. Our specially trained experts will provide the highest level of customer service to you and help you capitalize on your investment. Adapted to the special needs of commercial property, we deliver superior services such as detailed accounting, market analysis, lease negotiation, advertising, maintenance coordination, rent collection and lease enforcement.

  • Marketing Strategy

We understand that the main priority for your realty is securing quality renters and maintaining stability for your investment. Our property managers honolulu hi use marketing strategies to attract quality commercial renters to your property. We will analyze property and identify its needs.

We will develop property advertisements such as photos and floor plans.

We will discuss all lease terms applicable to the specific needs of your property.

We have expert knowledge in various commercial lease types.

  • Maintenance Real Property Management

Our company of property management in hawaii is one of the companies that has experience in all maintenance matters including major improvements or simple repairs. All documents will be sent to you at month end. We know how to provide quality repairs at preferred price rates. Our vendors are required to be licensed to maintain high quality repair standards.

  • Comprehensive Accounting

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY will provide detailed reporting of all income and expenses for your Hawaii real estate. Your property manager honolulu and our accounting staff will review every invoice thoroughly to ensure payment and proper billing to the appropriate parties. Renters will also receive a monthly statement showing their monthly fees and additional charges that they may have.

  • Rent Fee

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY provides customized rent collection procedures and maintain open communication with our tenants. We can take on owner's occupied properties and enforce the payment requirements if the problems occur. Our property management company hawaii will find the most cost effective solutions with the help of real estate listing that your rent income will be our main priority.

  • Lease Enforcement

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY knows how to meet all your requirements and expectations and is ready to provide transparency to all renters during the process of lease negotiation. Many investors come to us from other property management companies with pre-existing leases. Our staff of hawaii pacific property management  will review thoroughly to provide the same level of lease enforcement for these agreements. With the help of our experience in this industry, we can practice our personal and proven lease enforcement procedures for the stability and growth of your managed investments. We will provide:

  • Custom and proven lease enforcement procedures.
  • Transparency of negotiable tenant obligations.
  • Thorough review of pre-existing lease terms to provide effective lease enforcement.

You can rest assured your property is in good hands. We know how to manage expenses, screen tenants and communicate with them, and maintain properties efficiently. Our company of west hawaii property management will help our owners to avoid unnecessary liabilities as our experts understand the laws and legal aspects of rental management.