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Real Estate For Sale Honolulu

Honolulu is located in the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, in the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and an ancient volcano. This city is a place like no other. It has attractive landscapes, calm atmosphere, and different amenities to suit all needs and desires. If you are looking for a place with the raw beauty, Honolulu is what you need. Here you can find beaches for surfing with the perfect clear waters. Mount Tantalus is famous of its breathtaking views such as white sand beaches, hilly forests, green peaks, and colorful coral reefs.

Honolulu is a great city that blends unbelievable atmosphere of a small modern city and a tropical place for rest. Here you can find beaches covered with palms and large shopping malls, new multistory condos and prime homes that are built in an Old Hawaii style.

Kailua will offer you a calm part of Oahu where you can rest not being interrupted by a loud atmosphere of the city. The unspoiled North Shore is famous among surfers by its excellent waves. Honolulu can offer many places to go and you'll never get tired of this atmosphere.

It is a good news for drivers - the rail system is being built now, and people won't need to drive for a long distance. The rail station in Ala Moana Shopping will give you an opportunity to go to the west side of Honolulu and return.  This development will bring changes to the local real estate market because it will include further building near the rail route.

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY offers a wide range of houses for sale Honolulu, from modest bungalows to luxury properties and penthouses. Our experts can offer some of the most breathtaking beach houses in honolulu for sale.

Why Consider Apartments for Sale Honolulu

Houses in Honolulu are different in style and character. At HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY, our experts can offer you properties that are various in style and budget - luxury houses in Hawaii Kai, unique estates in Manoa,  expensive houses in Hawaii Loa Ridge and breathtaking ocean front homes in Diamond Head, Kahala, Portlock and other regions. A house for sale in Hawaii honolulu ranges in price from about $300,000 to about $25,000,000 for the most amazing oceanfront hawaiian apartments for sale in Diamond Head or Kahala.

You can choose homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii in 3 regions of Honolulu:

  • Hawaii Kai – This region was developed in the 1960’s in east Honolulu, and now it is like a city of its own. This amazing place of Honolulu includes unusual homes in Portlock, golf course located in Koko Villas and Queens Gate. In addition, you can find marina from homes throughout Hawaii Kai, hillside homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii in Mariners Ridge and Napali Haweo.
  • Diamond Head Region – The most unique part of Honolulu that offers people a single-family property for sale in honolulu hawaii and consists of such neighborhoods as Diamond Head, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kahala, and more.
  • Metro Honolulu – This region includes amazing condos in such neighborhoods as Makiki, Waikiki and Kakaako. Metro Honolulu offers real estate for sale Honolulu in Salt Lake, Pacific Heights, Punchbowl, and more.


HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is a full-service company of property management Honolulu. Our experts in Honolulu real estate for sale are trusted advisors in the art of connecting buyers and sellers of the best homes. We embrace the main values of passionate expertise, discretion, and customized client service.

We Are Experts In Houses For Sale Honolulu

Specialists on all things Honolulu, Hawaii Trusted Realty wants to share our local knowledge with you! If you have a question about homes for sale Honolulu, we can help you because our staff lives and works throughout the Islands.

Huge Selection

Hawaii Trusted Realty works with thousands of owners and property managers. With our help, you can quickly find apartments for sale Honolulu that matches your needs.

Best Price

We guarantee that you are getting a great deal every time you work with HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY.

You need an honest and experienced partner if you want to make the right investment. HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY understands your real estate aspirations and can realize your big goals. We have a local team that thoroughly knows the best areas for property investment in Honolulu.

Entrust your choice with our experts. Contact us today.

Property For Sale Honolulu In Popular Neighborhoods

Every region includes neighborhoods that are extremely different in lifestyle. HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY offers you these neighborhoods because here you can find the best Honolulu real estate for sale.

  • Manoa – Manoa is an old Hawaii with its unique and breathtaking atmosphere. This neighborhood includes historic houses for sale Honolulu that are well-kept.
  • Kahala –If you are looking for the most expensive neighborhood for homes for sale Honolulu, Kahala is what you need. Here you can find modern mansions or vintage honolulu penthouses for sale. Though most residences do not have ocean views, prestigious Kahala Ave includes stunning oceanfront housing. The price of such apartments for sale Honolulu is about $25,000,000.
  • Waialae Golf Course – This area is considered as the golf club of high quality on Oahu where every January you can take part in professional PGA Tour. Here you can find mostly every house for sale in Hawaii honolulu directly on Waialae Golf Course.
  • West Marina – Here you can find  marina front homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii. In addition, they have their own boat docks that can allow you to go to the ocean.
  • Hawaii Loa Ridge – This region is a hillside neighborhood with luxury real estate for sale Honolulu. Though this neighborhood was developed during the 1980’s, most of areas include more recent buildings. That's why now Hawaii Loa Ridge looks like a modern neighborhood from California.
  • Tantalus – Though Tantalus is very close to Downtown Honolulu, it is like a paradise in the city. Here the temperature is not so hot in other neighborhoods that's why days are cooler. This area is a large neighborhood that includes few mansions for sale in honolulu hawaii with lots from 10,000 to 45,000 sf.

If you are looking for property for sale Honolulu, Hawaii Trusted Realty can offer you other popular neighborhoods such as Waialae Iki, Diamond Head, Portlock and Kaimuki.

It Is  Time To Buy a New Home With HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY

When you want to create a fresh future for you or your family, buying new houses for sale near honolulu will be an exciting experience for you. You will need a little help no matter if you’re looking for something modern, or with an open concept design. Our real estate agency can help you determine exactly what hawaii honolulu houses for sale you’re looking for and in what price range you can afford. We are ready to bring your dream home to light.

Benefits of Working With Our Real Estate Agency:

  • We Provide Better Access to houses for sale honolulu hi

Our team knows the local real estate market inside and out. Although you can find most honolulu mansions for sale online to explore, in Hawaii many sellers prefer to keep their sale rather private because of different reasons such as financial problems, nosey neighbors, family, or just that they do not want others to know that they are selling their house.

In this situation, our real estate agency can be helpful for you. Our experts can provide you with exclusive access to hawaii honolulu house for sale that otherwise, you may have missed.

  • We Know How To Solve Problems

Our experienced specialists can help find issues with potential houses for sale honolulu area. We will observe the houses for sale on honolulu and review their evaluation in great detail.

If there are some areas in houses for sale near honolulu hawaii that require improvement, our team will help negotiate. With the help of our best experts, the seller will lower the price for future renovations or solve the problem as a part of the agreement.

With our experienced company, these problems don't go undetected. When it comes to your future home, our negotiating skills will result in the outcome you were hoping for.

As you know, purchasing a home can be a very overwhelming and exciting process. Allow our experts, with no emotional attachment to the houses in hawaii for sale honolulu, to help you get what you want, and most importantly, what you deserve.

  • Our Team Will Offer Better Price For You

Our experienced real estate experts have quite a bit of knowledge about the value of certain neighborhoods and honolulu hi houses for sale.

We can offer you the listings that will provide you with what you want, and at the price, you can afford. We help you save you time and money avoiding the listings that most likely won’t provide you with what you need.

  • We Can Offer the Right Homes

We don’t want to waste your time or money. If you are looking for something unique in your future home, for instance, open concept kitchens, customized pet bedrooms or backyard landscape designs, our experts know where to find it. We are very attentive to find what our clients are looking for in their beach houses for sale in honolulu hawaii.

  • Our Support

Purchasing houses for sale in honolulu area can be quite emotional and overwhelming process. HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY will provide you with guidance through each step. Throughout each home viewing, we will be with you and assist you understand different details, which will work for you.

With our experts, you can feel confident throughout the whole process. We will help you make a decision that will benefit for many years.

  • We Do All Paperwork

The sale of a home requires a copious amount of paperwork that can include different documents. It can be the written and signed counteroffer, the written offer, the little details such as specific repairs) and something that was not included in the sale.

All these documents require signatures, records, and multiple copies. Our real estate company will help our clients track the paperwork, and ensure that each document is signed and complete.

If you have any questions in the future, you can call us any time as we keep your paperwork on file for many years following the sale.

  • Don't forget about closing issues

Our clients don't need any bumps in the road before the home becomes their homes. Our experts will foresee any problems from miles away, so we will help you resolve obstacles such as mortgage delays, issues during the final walk through, document errors and others. Our reputable and knowledgeable team will help you resolve these issues, and so much more.

Our team consists of highly qualified real estate agents who are experts at the local real estate market. We will help our clients find the best beach houses for sale in honolulu at the affordable price. Contact our specialists at HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY if you’re looking for houses for sale in honolulu county hawaii.

Our Core Values

  • Attitude

Hard working is our company's foundation that's why we try to use opportunities in every aspect of our business. Our real estate agency is committed to keeping our foundation strong.

  • Strong relationships

We try to build lasting relationships with our clients that's why we establish an environment where collaboration is encouraged. In every transaction, our team creates a partnership with our clients.

  • Commitment

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is committed to provide long-term opportunities, stability and first class service in every dealings.

  • Honesty

Our team pays attention to honest communication and long-term relationships. Our actions in any process reflect our dedication to serving our clients’ interests.

  • Uniqueness

Our real estate company deliver solutions that are unique and notable to find houses for sale in honolulu area.

Our Mission For Quality Service

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is dedicated to meet the real estate needs of our clients with our quality service, professionalism, and unfailing attention to detail. Our experts will guide and assist you with the purchase or sale of your home and do it effectively. We know that this is an important financial and emotional process for you.

Our experts work together with our clients to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Our experience will help anticipate and deflect potential issues in order to have a smooth process for houses for sale in honolulu county hi.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality service that will earn your respect, trust and future business.