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Honolulu is located in the heart of the Hawaiian Islands, in the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and an ancient volcano. This city is a place like no other. It has attractive landscapes, calm atmosphere, and different amenities to suit all needs and desires. Honolulu is famous of its raw, untainted beauty. Its beaches are the best places for surfing with crystal clear waters. Near Mount Tantalus and Olomana Three Peaks Trail you can find the best of Hawaii’s breathtaking views – rolling forests, lush peaks, white sand beaches, and colorful coral reefs.

Honolulu is a unique city that blends tropical paradise, small town and modern city atmosphere. Honolulu will offer you palm tree-lined beaches alongside large shopping malls, new high-rise condos and vintage homes in an Old Hawaii style setting.

If you want to enjoy a quieter, even more laid back part of Oahu, drive to Kailua, or if you need to take in the world class waves, head to the unspoiled North Shore. Honolulu can offer many places to go and you'll never get tired of this atmosphere.

Maybe soon you won't need to drive because of the rail system now being built. You will have an opportunity to take the train from Ala Moana Shopping Center, and go to the west side of the Island and back again. This development will lead to the main changes such as further building near the rail route.

HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY offers a wide range of houses for sale Honolulu, from modest bungalows to extravagant mansions and lavish penthouses. Our experts can offer some of the most breathtaking homes for sale Honolulu.

Why Consider Apartments for Sale Honolulu

Houses in Honolulu are different in style and character. At HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY, our experts can offer you marina front homes in Hawaii Kai, amazing vintage houses in Manoa, gated expensive homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge and breathtaking oceanfront homes in Diamond Head, Kahala, Aina Haina Beach, Kai Nani, Niu Beach and Portlock. A house for sale in Hawaii honolulu ranges in price from about $500,000 to about $20,000,000 for the most fabulous oceanfront homes in Diamond Head or Kahala.

You can choose homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii in 3 regions of Honolulu:

  • Hawaii Kai – This region was developed in the 1960’s in east Honolulu, and now it is like a city of its own. This unique part of Honolulu includes amazing homes in Portlock, golf course living in Koko Villas and Queens Gate, marina from homes spread throughout Hawaii Kai, hillside homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii in Mariners Ridge and Napali Haweo.
  • Diamond Head Region – The most exclusive region that offers Honolulu single-family homes and consists of such neighborhoods as Diamond Head, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kahala, Aina Haina, Waialae Iki, and more.
  • Metro Honolulu – This region includes attractive condos in such neighborhoods as Makiki, Waikiki and Kakaako. Metro Honolulu offers real estate for sale Honolulu in Salt Lake, Pacific Heights, Punchbowl, Tantalus, Dowsett, and more.

Property For Sale Honolulu In Popular Neighborhoods

Every region includes neighborhoods that are extremely different in lifestyle. HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY offers you these neighborhoods because here you can find the best Honolulu real estate for sale.

  • Manoa – Manoa is famous of its well-kept historic and vintage houses for sale Honolulu. Old Hawaii can offer you a very tranquil atmosphere.
  • Kahala – Kahala is the most prestigious neighborhood for homes for sale Honolulu. Here you can see modern mansions or vintage residences. Though most residences do not have ocean views, prestigious Kahala Ave includes stunning oceanfront homes. The price of such apartments for sale Honolulu is about $20,000,000.
  • Waialae Golf Course – Waialae Golf Course is considered as the most prestigious golf club on Oahu where every January a professional PGA Tour takes place. Here mostly every house for sale in Hawaii honolulu is located directly on Waialae Golf Course.
  • West Marina – Several marina front homes for sale Honolulu Hawaii are located here. Many of them have their own personal boat docks that can allow you to cruise out to the ocean.
  • Hawaii Loa Ridge – Hawaii Loa Ridge is a hillside neighborhood with luxury real estate for sale Honolulu. Though this neighborhood was developed during the 1980’s, most of lots have now been filled with more recent structures. That's why now Hawaii Loa Ridge feels more like an upscale neighborhood from California.
  • Tantalus – Though Tantalus is very near Downtown Honolulu, it is like a jungle far from any city. Here days are cooler than in other neighborhoods because the temperature is distinctly lower up. Tantalus is a large neighborhood that includes few homes with lots from 15,000 to 40,000 sf.

If you are looking for property for sale Honolulu, Hawaii Trusted Realty can offer you other popular neighborhoods such as Waialae Iki, Diamond Head, Portlock and Kaimuki.


HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is a full-service company of property management Honolulu. Our experts in Honolulu real estate for sale are trusted advisors in the art of connecting buyers and sellers of the best homes. We embrace the main values of passionate expertise, discretion, and customized client service.

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