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Kailua: Houses for Sale

Are you looking for Kailua houses for sale in any of the beach town's uniquely charming neighborhoods, for either lifestyle or investment purposes? Rest assured you've come to the right real estate and property management specialist – at Hawaii Trusted Realty, we have your best interests at heart in one of Hawaii's and even the nation's top, fastest appreciating and most competitive housing markets.

Locally owned and operated, Hawaii Trusted Realty is your trusted partner whenever you're looking for Kailua real estate for sale. With us guiding and representing you every step of the way, you can own a slice of Hawaiian tropical paradise in the tranquil yet vibrant town of Kailua a lot faster and smoother, while saving big.

Whether you want to buy your dream home or make a great investment, we can help you find the perfect Kailua property for sale and close the deal in a timely and efficient manner, at the best price possible, without any hidden fees or commissions.

Why Consider Kailua Real Estate for Sale

Nestled in the Ko'olaupoko Ahupua'a along the island of Oahu's windward coast in the county of Honolulu, Kailua is a one-of-a-kind oasis of pristine natural beauty within the notorious paradise of the nation's happiest state (and the #1 state for physical and emotional well-being). Encompassing over a dozen small-scale, peaceful neighborhoods, the idyllic beach town of Kailua that nearly 40,000 people call home is strategically located just 12 miles from Honolulu, offering its discerning residents a more connected, convenient, and rewarding lifestyle with a laid-back vibe uniquely its own.

Brimming with lush recreational areas, pristine white sandy beaches, and breathtaking vistas of Kailua Bay, the beach-and-bay community of Kailua serves up healthy doses of upscale living and relaxed lifestyle to its residents. It is increasingly popular among families, retirees and real estate investors (both American and foreign). Preserving its characteristic laid-back, small-town vibe in the face of tourism and development is Kailua residents' top priority.

Kailua homes for sale run the gamut from:

Single-family homes represent the vast majority of Kailua properties for sale (nearly 75%), followed by apartment complexes (nearly 14%) and townhomes (nearly 10%). Most of Kailua homes were built between 1940 and 1969 (55%) and between 1970 and 1999 (36%) and have been beautifully renovated to preserve their character. Whether you are looking for fabulous single-family homes or exquisite, upscale beachfront condos, look no further than Kailua real estate for sale.

Characteristics of Kailua Houses for Sale

Kailua property for sale continues to see an increase in demand and popularity, especially among offshore buyers (compared to local residents). The fact that the value of most Kailua houses for sale is constantly appreciating represents a major contributing factor. A recent analysis of home sales on the island of Oahu shows that the average five-year appreciation of Kailua home value was 20.7%, with average gains of about $195,000.

Kailua homes for sale typically sell for 2% below list price. With Hawaii Trusted Realty as your trusted expert by your side, you can rest assured that we will work with you so that you can benefit from the best priced offer that reflects the real market value of the Kailua home you plan on buying.

With its ascending trend, the Kailua real estate market constantly offers both coveted residential opportunities and incredibly profitable investment opportunities.

Fastest Appreciating Kailua Neighborhoods

  1. Lanikai – An exclusive tropical paradise within the Hawaiian paradise, Lanikai is located south of the mesmerizing Kailua Beach, named the world's best beach. The number of Kailua homes for sale (about 500 only) in this sought-after community reflects its exclusivity and the fact that owning a home in Lanikai adds a new dimension to upscale living and retirement in Kailua, HI.
  2. Beachside – Best known as the setting for Barack Obama and celebs' holiday retreat, Beachside offers a truly delectable slice of luxury Kailua real estate for sale. Most of the spectacular Beachside estates are located along a number of peaceful side roads off of Kalaheo Ave,dead ending at Kailua Beach.
  3. Kawailoa – Different than the North Shore community with the same name, Kawailoa offers a limited number of Kailua homes for sale, right next to the magnificent Kailua Beach Park, with lots ranging in size from 4,500 to 6,00o sq.ft. and amazing vistas of the ocean.
  4. Kailua Bluffs – Whether you're considering Kailua apartments for sale in the duplexes on Kalaho St. or a contemporary Kailua house for sale, this neighborhood with an elevated position and underground utilities is worth considering too, especially if you're interested in more affordable Kailua property for sale.
  5. Enchanted Lake – Encircling an idyllic freshwater lake that can be used by residents only (strictly boating), Enchanted Lake is one of the most famous and desirable Kailua neighborhoods. Family-friendly, Enchanted Lake offers a wide variety of Kailua houses for sale, even estates up on the hills and small cottages.

Buyers can also find Kailua homes for sale whose value continues to appreciate in other neighborhoods including Kailua Estates (with generous lots up to 16,000 sq.ft.), Kalama Tract (within walking distance to Kailua Beach), Kalaheo Hillside and Aikahi Park (a 10-minute walk to the famous beach), Kaimalino (where you can find the ideal Kailua home for sale on the oceanfront or along the canal), and the hillside communities Keolu Hills and Hillcrest.

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