2164 sft
Parking Stalls: 2 - Assigned, Open - 2
2672 sft
Parking Stalls: 3 - 3 Car+
2046 sft
Parking Stalls: 2 - Assigned, Covered - 2, Garage, Guest, Secured Entry
3818 sft
Parking Stalls: 2 - 2 Car, Driveway, Garage
4127 sft
Parking Stalls: 2 - 2 Car, Garage, Street
4865 sft
Parking Stalls: 6 - 3 Car+, Driveway, Garage, Street
3397 sft
Parking Stalls: 6 - 3 Car+, Garage
1403 sft
Parking Stalls: 0 - Other
3854 sft
Parking Stalls: 4 - 3 Car+, Driveway, Garage, Street
2815 sft
Parking Stalls: 2 - 2 Car, Driveway, Garage, Street

Homes for Sale in Hawaii on the Big Island

Homes for sale in Hawaii, the Big Island

Purchasing a home on the Big Island in Hawaii is a dream comes true for most individuals. Imagine settling in an area with warm climate all year round, with the fragrance of tropical flowers and a cool ocean breeze at all times. These are among the things that make individuals look for Hawaii property for sale.

Welcome to Hawaii trusted Realty, your trusted service provider for houses for sale on the big Island in Hawaii. Our dedicated team of real estate experts specialize in offering residential real estate services to individuals who are looking for Hawaii property for sale.

Our company specializes in houses for sale on the Big Island in Hawaii. We are also committed to ensure that you easily find your dream property or home on the Big Island. Our Hawaii, real estate services, will keep you up to date with the new listings immediately they hit the market, and also about any price changes in the already listed properties.

A few Facts About the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is the biggest among the Hawaii islands. In fact, it’s bigger than all the other islands in Hawaii combined. The Big Island has plenty of real estate properties for sale. Houses for sale on the big island in Hawaii also cost less compared to the neighboring islands, which makes purchasing a property in this region a great investment.

The Big Island also has an active volcano; one that is world-renowned. The Big Island also offers a more relaxed, country living, with a little something for every family member, which has made Townhouses, condos, and single-family homes thrive. Furthermore, the Island also has a sleepy beach town which has all the amenities and recreational resources your family needs. Living in the Big Island of Hawaii will allow you to enjoy an island-like living lifestyle and standards.

The rest of the Island is split into numerous little pockets; all spread out in different areas of the Island. These pockets all offer their own unique flavor for all types of individuals’ who’re looking for Hawaii property for sale.

The demand for houses in the big Island in Hawaii has recently risen. Most individuals looking for Hawaii property for sale are investing in its real estate industry because of the low prices. Single-family homes, condos and townhouses are all available in the big Island, and we can assist you in ensuring that you find your dream home.

The Big island of Hawaii is not only vast; it also has a very family-friendly living environment. With the town having lots of employment opportunities, what are you waiting to take advantage of the Hawaii properties for sale?

What to consider when looking for houses for sale on the big Island in Hawaii?

Before you commence hunting for Hawaii real estate properties for sale, you should consider talking to our experts to learn more about Hawaii’s unique real estate market. Our Hawaii real estate experts will guide you on some key factors that you should consider when making your real estate purchase. These factors include:

After taking you through these aspects in detail, we will assist you in getting all the required information that will guide you in making your final decision.

Property ownership types in the Big Island in Hawaii

The Big Island in Hawaii has two main types of property ownership types: Leasehold and fee simple. In a fee-simple property ownership type, the buyer is given complete ownership of the purchased property. This includes the land and any other types of land improvements that he/she may wish to do.

In the second property ownership type (leasehold), the buyer doesn’t own the land. Instead, he/she is only given the right to use the land for a scheduled amount of time. After the predetermined period is over, the land ownership rights are reverted to the Lessor. In simple terms, fee simple ownership allows you to own the land for good while leasehold ownership only allows you to rent the land for a predetermined period. Fee simple is good for home owners while Lease hold is best for business owners.

Steps to Follow When Looking for a Hawaii Property for Sale

When looking for apartments for sale in Hawaii, follow this HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY’s six-step home search process to get yourself started. Before you even realize, you’ll be in your dream home in Hawaii!

  1. Always Purchase a property You Can Afford. Before you start doing your market search on Hawaii apartments for sale., consider your budget and what you can afford for the next five years. This will make it easier to find your dream home. We can assist you in finding the best homes for sale in Hawaii based on your budget.
  2. Work with A Local Lender That Knows Hawaii’s Real Estate. At HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY, we can assist you in finding a local lender who knows the Hawaii real estate market well. The lender will assist you in accessing the best loan programs and financing options that best meet your needs and requirements. After finding a local lender, we’ll also assist you in getting pre-approval for your financing.
  3. Don’t only Pay attention to the price. When buying your home on the big Island in Hawaii, you aren’t just buying a property; you’re also buying the entire neighbourhood. Your neighbourhood is also as important as the house you purchase. Consider affordability, safety, aesthetics, neighbourhood walkability and the ease of access to shopping centres. Our real estate experts will guide you on what to expect in neighbourhoods, the traffic patterns and the ease of access to social amenities. We’ll also ensure that you get the best home that suits your lifestyle.
  4. Consider Your Priorities. Each home for sale in Hawaii favours different needs, priorities and advantages. For example, living close to the ocean offers spectacular sunset views, but it has a downside of long commute time to work. Living close to restaurants and shopping centres may reduce your commute time, but denies you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beachside lifestyle. Think of your priorities and use them to make your final decision. If you’re still finding it hard to make up your mind, you can always contact our experts for professional advice on how to find an apartment in Hawaii that satisfies your needs.
  5. Consider the style and the type of home you prefer living in. Hawaii’s homes are mostly built using a mosaic of architectural styles. This Island also has homes that resemble the contemporary architecture used to build most houses in U.S., as well as house designs that are exceptional to the Islands. Most homes in this region are built to suit the warm climate, which makes them different from most Mainland homes which require must withstand the harsh weather that occurs during different seasons. Our Hawaii real estate experts will help you find your preferred home design that’s fitted with energy-saving systems to reduce your energy bills.
  6. Work with A Real Estate Agent. The Hawaii’s property industry is very competitive, with lots of low-inventory housing market. Working with our reputable Real estate agents will offer you professional knowledge and resources that will go a long way in helping you find your dream home. This will also keep you away from fraudsters and inexperienced property agents in Hawaii, thus assuring you of value for money.

In case you’re looking for homes for sale in Hawaii the Big Island, or getting ready to lease or sell your property, HAWAII TRUSTED REALTY is here to help. Our company is known for putting our clients’ needs first. In fact, we always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients enjoy the advantages of living in their dream apartments on the Big Island. To hire or learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in leasing a property, investing, settling, or simply looking for expert advice on Hawaii real estate for sale, well more than glad to help!