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  1. We provide reliable property management in Hawaii
  2. We provide maximum return on investment for our clients
  3. We offer improvements / repairs to increase income.
  4. We will check all potential residents for a legal and credit background.
  5. You invest your time and money in your property.
  6. We wants our customers to love where they live. It drives everything we do.


No stress
No stress
Like Family
Like Family

Building Maintenance Services You Can Count On

As you know a living or working space is required to meet two criteria – safety and functionality. It is difficult to work hard or live relaxed if something unexpected can happen, for example to be trapped in an elevator or have no heating in the middle of winter.

Hawaii Trusted Realty is here to keep those problems at bay with the help of Hawaiian building maintenance.

Building maintenance is necessary for keeping a building functional and livable, and includes a wide range of tasks depending on the requirements.

Our Hawaiian building maintenance Honolulu includes such tasks as cleaning different areas, repairing broken items or removing trash regularly. It can include various utility services like repairing electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems.

Also, our building maintenance can extend to the outdoor property - landscape management, sprinkler management and lawn care.

Home Maintenance Services You Can Trust

Sometimes you want to have a well-maintained home where you can feel relaxed, but it can be exhausting as you don' t have enough time, skills or money to handle Hawaii building maintenance by yourself.

At Hawaii Trusted Realty, we believe that everyone must have a well-maintained home where you can enjoy your life. Our professionals will take care of all your needs from handyman services, seasonal maintenance, yard work to house cleaning.

So you will have more time for spending your time with people you love. That’s why so many homeowners trust Hawaii Trusted Realty for their home maintenance services. You can rely on our professional company because:

  • We provide quick, efficient, and guaranteed work
  • All our workers are screened and background checked
  • We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor services
  • Hawaii Trusted Realty is licensed, bonded and insured
  • You will have more time to spend with your families and friends
  • We provide preventative home maintenance to minimize future problems

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important?

With our regular home maintenance, Hawaii Trusted Realty can help you maintain maximum efficiency, retain your home value and lower utility bills.  You will feel comfortable in your house knowing your family will be safe in a home that has proper building management Hawaii by our experienced company.

We offer a wide range of commercial and residential property maintenance services for properties in Hawaii. Our professional company has experienced team of repair guys to ensure that your property is always in the best condition.

When it comes to home services maintenance in Hawaii, we can help homeowners protect your investments. Whether you want to sell your house or you simply want to update it, home maintenance needs to be done regularly and in the hands of professionals like Hawaii Trusted Realty. Because a well-maintained house can add value to your home.

If your tiles in your bathroom are old or your living room needs a new coat of paint, our builder’s maintenance company in Hawaii can make your house look perfectly. Maybe you need a one-time repair job or yearly home maintenance service, Hawaii Trusted Realty specializes in building and maintenance in Hawaii.

Our Maintenance Service Will Keep Your Property In The Best Shape

With your busy schedule, it can be tough to maintain everything in your home in top condition.  Fortunately, our professionals at Hawaii Trusted Realty is experienced in home maintenance, many homeowners trust us in providing quality work to meet their requirements. 

Hawaii Trusted Realty is known for our professionalism and quality service, so our homeowners can expect our craftsmen to follow all manufacturer requirements for the appliances and products we work on.

Hawaii Trusted Realty covers every aspect of home maintenance in Hawaii from preparing your house for guests to inspecting the electrical systems. Our professional company can handle big or small projects to support you in living independently and safely.

  • Handyman services

Handyman services are needed for home repairs. Many homeowners don't know what to do when their homes badly need handyman services. At Hawaii Trusted Realty, all of our handymen are skilled and well-trained. We provide maintenance of home that includes total house repairs, such as:

  • jammed doors or windows
  • replacing plumbing fixtures
  • shelves, mirrors and picture frames
  • repairing doors and hinges
  • minor tile cracks
  • stealing roof leaks
  • paint scratches or scuffs
  • fixing faucets and showers
  • electrical work

Anything that you need to fix, we can handle, both inside and outside of your home. Our experienced handymen can also provide services for your home's exterior look such as gutter cleaning, fencing installation, power washing, and so much more

  • Electrical services

Our engineering teams are some of the most experienced in Hawaii who routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance to electrical systems. Damaged electronics and appliances can frustrate your family. Our engineering experts understand common problems that can damage your electrical systems Our Oahu building maintenance includes checking that all of your appliances such as home entertainment systems, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioning units, and others. We will improve energy efficiency, prevent breakdowns and repair faults.

  • General home maintenance

Hawaii Trusted Realty believes that home maintenance Hawaii shouldn’t be a one-time job but must be a regular service to ensure that your house is well-kept.

We offer regular home maintenance including house cleaning, lawn and pool maintenance, gutter cleaning, gardening, garbage disposal, replacing light bulbs, and other services.

  • Pest Control

Pests like insects, bugs and rodents can give trouble to human activity and can sometimes cause human harm. In addition, they can minimize the value of your house immensely.

Preventative pest control is very important for your property. We provide effective maintenance home services for pest control. Our experts use the latest techniques, equipment and environment-friendly methods to receive the best results.

  • Commercial Property Maintenance

When you run a business, it can take much time, especially for building maintenance. You have to take care of maintenance, landscaping and cleaning means that will require more phone calls, bills and hassle from you. Hawaii Trusted Realty can simplify this process and handle all of your commercial building maintenance Hawaii needs.

Our professional team of handymen, cleaners, landscapers will meet all your needs from office cleaning to building and grounds maintenance.  We will help you focus on running your business.

Leave Home Maintenance to Your Trusted Company

Our goal is to be reliable home maintenance Hawaiian building maintenance Hawaii company that you can call anytime. Our experienced company is ready to take away the stress involved in property maintenance.

With Hawaii Trusted Realty, you don’t just get building maintenance services Hawaii, but also skilled professionals who understand the value of your property. We know how to keep and manage your property in the long run.