Kitchen & Bathroom renovation

Kitchen & Bathroom renovation

Kitchen that you can't take your eyes off Bath that you'll be proud of

Your reliable kitchen & bathroom remodeling contractor Honolulu

Your reliable general contractor Honolulu

Hawaii Trusted Realty is your reliable general contractor that’s why we provide a full range of services for bathroom and kitchen renovations quickly and with high quality.

With our team of the finest electricians, designers, plumbers, builders and cleaners Honolulu, you don’t need to look for multiple contractors anymore.

At Hawaii Trusted Realty, we are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life!

Your reliable general contractor Honolulu
No matter the size of the general contracting job, we will take you through the remodeling process from design to completed project.
Your reliable general contractor Honolulu

In every renovation project, our main priority is your complete satisfaction

As the experienced contractor, we will give you necessary recommendations how to save your money during the renovation process.

Working with us ensures that our services for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling stay under budget and on time.

Your reliable general contractor Honolulu

We do it all:

We do it all
15 years on the market
50 commissioned objects
10 least 10% house increases in value after renovation

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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen or bathroom?

long-term investment in your home

The money you will spend on kitchen and bathroom remodeling services will be a long-term investment in your home.

Renovation helps not only create a beautiful and functional place where you can spend more time with your family or relax after a hard day but also increase a home’s value and get the highest return on investment.

You will spend less money if you want:
  • Small To renovate small-sized rooms
  • Slowly Not to do work quickly
  • parts To update only some parts of your kitchen or bathroom
  • buy To buy off-the-shelf furniture
  • before To use appliances that you have before the renovation
  • standard To use standard grade materials (vinyl flooring, laminate countertops).
You will spend more money if you want:
  • large To renovate large-sized rooms
  • quickly To do work quickly
  • completely To update your rooms completely (floor, walls, hood, vent, etc.)
  • Custom To have new custom furniture in your rooms
  • all To replace all appliances
  • premium To use premium products (solid wood, granite, corian etc.)
Our team will plan each detail of the renovation process thoroughly to ensure its affordability, since certain factors like the scope of the project, materials used, the current state of the room and its size affect the renovation cost. They can increase or decrease the cost of your project. To help our customers stay on budget.
Our team will plan each detail of the renovation process

Hawaii Trusted Realty has created useful recommendations to help you save money.

Get a free kitchen and bathroom estimate

A New Kitchen / Bathroom as Easy as


Consultation / Estimate / Design

Consultation / Estimate / Design

The most important part in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process is our meeting with customers. Your future kitchen or bathroom depend on this consultation because it helps find out how you imagine your new kitchen or bathroom.

We need to understand what you need for your project:
01. What appliances or furniture do you have, need, or plan to buy?
02. How much space do you need for your appliances or furniture etc?
03. Is this kitchen or bathroom for you to use, for tenants, or are you selling the house?
04. Where do you live? Close to ocean vs. further in the valleys.
05. How is the current wiring and plumbing?
Sometimes it is hard for homeowners to understand what they need for their rooms and what they can choose that will best fulfill their needs. So they can spend money in something they won't be pleased with. To guarantee your satisfaction, our team explain each detail and step of the kitchen and bathroom remodeling Honolulu during our meeting.

Cabinets / Countertop / Flooring

Cabinets / Countertop / Flooring

The last stage of the project is the construction for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The process can involve re-measuring of your rooms, demolish of the current furniture, floor installation and checking everything works correctly from the electricity to plumbing.

You will be satisfied working with us for kitchen and bathroom renovation Honolulu as:
01. Our team will be able to quickly adjust any changes you need not depending on a second person to design it.
02. Our experts will complete your project quickly because we take into account all the variables and deliver all necessary materials without discrepancies in the measurements, color, etc.
03. We work with the best vendors that guarantees to do changes on the go without delaying the project.
04. Our flexible team and the best vendors can fix any issues without any discrepancies on the materials or measurements.
05. We perform our work On-Time and On-Budget.
06. Typically our team can do a full kitchen or bathroom renovation Honolulu within a month
Our experienced company works conscientiously to create your custom kitchen or bathroom in the best way possible. Working on your project, we strive to keep disruption to a minimum. Do you know what the best part of our work is? It is your reaction when the work is done! It is awesome to see how a project from scratch leaves our customers with their ideal kitchen or bathroom to enjoy for many years to come.

Cook / Bath / Enjoy

Cook / Bath / Enjoy

Our main priority is your full satisfaction with kitchen and bathroom remodeling Honolulu. From modern chic to traditional, we will help you create a place that reflects your personality.

We want
to make your kitchen a warm and inviting space where you can roll cookies with your kids, or have cocktail party mingling and your bathroom must be a place that helps you unwind whether you’re brushing your teeth or bathing.
Our focus
is always on meeting your individual needs of kitchen and bathroom remodeling to give you the place where you will love to enjoy your life.

Feel comfortable in your own house with Hawaii Trusted Realty!