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Hawaii Trusted Realty Is Your Professional Flooring Specialist

Different elements create a beautiful home; the result depends on the details. And flooring Hawaii is no exception to this rule.

Whether you are going to start a remodeling project in your home or finishing an incomplete floor, Hawaii Trusted Realty is your reliable flooring specialist because we understand the importance of beautiful flooring. We know where to get the materials from, because we have only trustworthy suppliers.  Our company is proud to offer flooring products that are high-quality and durable.

A simple Honolulu hardwood installation can change the aesthetic view of any room, adding real estate value to your home.

We strive to provide only professional, quality service for hardwood flooring Hawaii that includes custom design work, installation, sanding, refinishing, repairs, maintenance. Our experts provide high-quality work, that's why we have the reputation as wooden floors specialist. At Hawaii Trusted Realty, we pay attention on quality, not quantity.

Before starting your project, we will meet with you and discuss your vision, to understand what you’re looking for. We will try to find the flooring that meets your requirements and needs.

At Hawaii Trusted Realty, we offer high quality floors Hawaii for the affordable price. Our customers are always satisfied with the service we provide.

Hardwood Floor Installations

Hawaii Trusted Realty is a professional hardwood flooring specialist that will install beautiful floors in your property. We understand that the process of removing an old floor and installing a new one can be a long and difficult. Our company offers a comprehensive guide to make sure everything goes as properly as possible.

Today hardwood flooring Oahu is very popular for using it in the houses. You can use wood flooring to enhance the décor of your rooms. Also, it provides a great return on your investment when you decide to sell your house. Hardwood flooring will bring you warmth, comfort, and unique design style for many years. 

Hard wood floors Hawaii provide the unparalleled natural style, elegance and durability. Hardwood is a great choice because of its beautiful, easy to maintain and long-lasting effect. You can choose different wood flooring in species and design.

The most popular types of hardwood floors Honolulu:

  • pine
  • maple
  • walnut
  • oak
  • cherry

The most popular design options for hardwood flooring:

  • floor boards
  • strip flooring
  • wood blocks
  • plank flooring
  • parquet floors (herringbone, inlays, stenciling, medallions and borders)

Our wood floors installers use prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring materials. Also, we can provide engineered wood and laminate flooring. A layer of real hardwood on a plywood base is used in engineered wood. As you know, laminate is fabricated materials, not real hardwood. It simulates the view of real hardwood floors.

Before Installation

Looking to get a problem-free installation? Call our flooring company Honolulu, Hawaii Trusted Realty

If you don't want to remove your existing flooring by yourself, our installers will do it. Before installation, we recommend you to remove all fragile items from the room.

During Installation

Hawaii Trusted Realty provides proper installation to make your Hawaii hardwood flooring look good now and for a long time. The process of our experienced installation for hardwood flooring:

  • Current flooring Oahu

Our professional installers will come to your house and evaluate your floor construction. So, we can recommend you whether to remove the existing flooring or install on top of it. When your floor must be removed, our experts know how to provide the process properly, for example if to use a leveling compound—or to replace a new subfloor over the old one.

  • Moisture testing

Our flooring installers provide moisture testing of the wood flooring Honolulu to be assured that floors won’t cup, buckle, or develop gaps later.

  • Installation

Our professional team uses the proper equipment to nail boards in place and create consistency in the look of the floor. When unexpected problems occur, our professional installers know how to solve them.

  • Overall quality

Our specialist wood flooring will ensure our customers that your floor will look beautiful and perform well over time.

Hawaii Trusted Realty Offers Custom Design For Hardwood Floor

As one of the leading Hawaii flooring contractors, Hawaii Trusted Realty provides hardwood floors in different styles and can customize with a number of design methods:

  • Strip flooring

This type of wood flooring that is generally milled from lumber, cut from less parts of the tree (large limbs, the upper part of the trunk). Most used wood strips are no longer than 3 1/4 inches.

  • Plank flooring

It is milled from lumber cut from the main trunk and have more heartwood. Plank flooring can be produced in wider widths - 10-20 inches wide and lengths up to 16 feet. It is often used in older properties, bringing a rustic country flavor.

  • Parquet flooring

Its tiles created by arranging small pieces of hardwood in repeating patterns. One of the popular patterns is called herringbone, which is a zigzag type of pattern. Parquet flooring is often used for kitchen, dining room, and recreation room with the type of geometric hardwood floor.

  • Medallions, inlays and borders

This type of flooring includes squares, circles, strips and other artistic shapes that are customized or remanufactured.   These elements often consist of contrasting wood species. They are easily inlaid anywhere into the hardwood floors.

Adding different elements to your layout of flooring Oahu requires a detailed planning, our experts will work with you closely to understand what you need.  We will create a complete design to transform your dream into reality. You can give us your ideas and we will develop your suggestions for your plan. Let’s make your house attractive as can be.

Stairs and rails

Our experts can repair your existing stairs and rails or install them new. To add the final touch to your renovation, you can choose how you want to upgrade your interior with rails - classic or contemporary. A wood and finish will help accent your floors. We will discuss all details with you during the planning process.

Hardwood Floors Refinishing

We specialize in refinishing for Hawaiian wood flooring such as sanding, staining, buffing. Our specialists will update your old floors back and make them new. We can refinish any type of Hawaiian hardwood flooring. You can rely on our proficiency because we know how to match the existing color or change the color. We help you choose from many tones of stains. We can also provide bleaching and pickling.

Your Full-Service Flooring Company

If you are looking for floor specialist near me, Hawaii trusted Realty is a professional flooring company, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff and well-trained installation teams.

As one of the best Honolulu flooring contractors, we cooperate with homeowners, builders, and interior designers, and provide innovative hardwoods Hawaii flooring solutions for private residences, apartments/condos, retail spaces, and office interiors. No matter what the size or type of project is, Hawaii Trusted Realty has the experience, expertise, and industry resources to complete your project needs for floors Hawaii.

If you need help with designing your space, get in touch, we will provide everything you need!