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Professional Drywall Repair Service

Every homeowner prefers to live in a comfortable house without any damage. But sometimes you can notice drywall with holes or some type of damage that needs repair. The common problem for many houses is drywall damage and sometimes it is difficult to fix it at home.

Repair drywall requires time and attention to detail. If you don't care of it properly, it can cause structural damage to your walls. The good news is that Hawaii Trusted Realty can help you with sheetrock repairs. Our first step will be to repair any drywall damage - patching, sanding, and priming your drywall to create a perfect surface.

Hawaii Trusted Realty has years of experience in drywall repair near me, so we deliver the best results quickly and efficiently. Our painting experts are well- trained and know how to repair your drywall professionally.  We can make your ceilings and walls looking new again. We strive to produce consistent results, and make our customers 100% satisfied.

Whether you need to replace the whole panel or to patch just a few dings, Hawaii Trusted Realty offers professional drywall repair and drywall installation services in Hawaii.

Our high-quality work is provided by friendly and honest experts that know every step of the process. We will begin our work with a free estimate for your project upfront. We prefer to discuss each step of our process with our customers to understand their needs better.

Professional Drywall Services By Hawaii Trusted Realty

Hawaii Trusted Realty offers a wide range of drywall services, and there’s no job too large or small for our company.

As your drywall contractor, we can handle different textures such as drywall, sheetrock, popcorn, plaster, and others. You can rely on our specialists if you need wall and ceiling repairs. Our painting experts will take care of any holes or unnoticed damage, so your home will look perfect again.

Our repair jobs include:


Drywall Repair

Plaster Repair

Common Causes for drywall repair Hawaii:

Repair sheetrock hole

Plaster restoration

Furniture moving

Textured ceiling repair

Holes in the wall


Matching surface texture

Matching surface texture

Children or pets

Bad Drywall seams

Total room renovation

Tile removal

Nail pops

Wall resurfacing

Nails and anchors

Damage repair

Cracked plaster


Popcorn ceiling repair




Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company about any of the following projects:

  • Drywall Repair

Almost each home has such an important element as drywall. It is used in building because it is a sturdy and fire-resistant material. But drywall can be damaged. It can have a minor dent or a full-blown series of holes, our reliable drywall contractors Hawaii can repair that cracked and broken drywall and make it look new again.

Hawaii Trusted Realty provides a customized drywall repair service because the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. Drywall damage includes the variety of causes. Our experts in drywall Hawaii will start our job with a detailed assessment of the damaged drywall to understand the correct repair process.

We provide different methods for repair different types of damage:

  • Our skilled workers will remove the damaged drywall with holes and replace with new one.
  • For cracks, we provide specialized treatment for preparing the damaged area to properly accept the patch material.

Not all houses have smooth Hawaii drywall. If you have textured walls in your home, Hawaii Trusted Realty will provide a seamless finish for your drywall repairs.

  • Ceiling Repair

Hawaii Trusted Realty performs ceiling repairs of all kinds such as damaged plaster and drywall, accidental holes, bubbling ceilings and others.

The most common ceiling repairs that our skilled team provides:

  • Leaks – Stains, holes, and warping can be result of the damage incidents. Our qualified workers will assess the area to determine the best method for drywall repair Hawaii.
  • Stress Cracks – They commonly appear over time. After removing cracks, we will check if the drywall panel is properly secure to ensure cracks don’t occur in the future again.
  • Accidental Damage – Some ceiling damage can occur accidentally, for example during an HVAC repair in the attic. Our experienced professionals will fix all the ceiling damages connected with other accidents.

As one of the best Hawaii drywall contractors, Hawaii Trusted Realty will fix all causes of ceiling damage with ease. You can trust us, because our specialists will repair ceiling damage with less mess than others do.

  • Drywall Installations

Hawaii trusted Realty provides professional services of drywall installations Hawaii at affordable price! If you are looking for a new closet, wall or division in your property, we are here to help you.

Our experienced team uses the advanced technologies and best materials that our customers can receive a well-done job at the competitive cost of drywall installation.

 We will install drywall without any flaws and defects. Our experts will do construction with two-layer coating and install drywall with appropriate joint clearance from ceiling to floor. If you are looking for the best drywall installers near me, call Hawaii Trusted Realty.

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

When you are looking for drywall repairs near me, you can rest easy knowing that Hawaii Trusted Realty employs only skilled experts who have many years of experience in their trade. Our workers are thoroughly background checked and fully insured, so you can rely on us because our team will arrive at your property at scheduled appointment time and complete your job with professional care.

Why choose us:

  • Our experts thoroughly pay attention to the work

We carefully assess the whole project, not just the damaged area, to make sure our sheetrock repair near me is durable and effective.

  • Our company respects your space

We prefer to provide our services in a clean work environment. Hawaii Trusted Realty makes sure the areas below the repair remain clean from start to finish.

  • We work quickly and effective

With our years of experience installing and repairing sheetrock, our team can complete most repairs in one day and leave you with unparalleled results.

  • We use only premium materials

Our Hawaii drywall supply allows us to use only best modern materials and implement innovate technologies for our drywall repair service.

Detailed Drywall Estimates

Hawaii Trusted Realty provides free estimates with a detailed and accurate assessment of each room to ensure that the cost on your estimate is nearly identical to the cost on your invoice when the job is finished. We appreciate each customer and what we do for them. We will give all the information our customers need to make an informed decision about how they want to proceed.

For more information about the high-quality drywall installation and repair services that our company can provide for your home, contact one of the leading drywall repair contractors in Hawaii - Hawaii Trusted Realty.

As locally owned contractor drywall Hawaii, we understand how important it is to have integrity in the work we do for our customers. Hawaii Trusted Realty offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: you will be satisfied with our work because we know everything about drywall repair and installation.