What it's like living on Oahu?

Oahu is a well-known tourist place in the USA. As you know, it is considered as the heart of Hawaii. It’s home to about two-thirds of Hawaii’s entire population. There is no rush, because residents embrace a laid-back lifestyle, every day. They love to enjoy their life. People are friendly here, that's why it has its welcoming nickname “the Gathering Place”.

When moving to Oahu, be ready to follow Hawaiian lifestyle. You should learn to be patient and live on Island time because everything goes slower on the Hawaiian Islands.

Oahu offers show-stopping scenery and tons of activities to do – but what really makes Oahu an amazing place to live?

The Beaches

No matter where you live in Oahu, you can find the beach that is close to your location. Oahu offers popular and amazing beaches such as Waikiki Beach, the North Shore beaches if you like surfing, also you can find family-friendly beaches or beaches that you’ve never heard of. We promise everyone will find a beach they love! Oahu is a wonderful place with warm water throughout the year, and amazing colors. Imagine how you see crystal blue aqua water every day.

Here beaches include soft, white sands and turquoise waters that make you long for relaxation. They help you feel stress free when you’re watching the gentle waves start coming in toward your toes. If you are going to live in Oahu, don't forget to pack your swimmers, towel, sunscreen, Oahu’s Best Beaches are waiting for you!

Different activities

On Oahu, you can do different activities that you love. It is the best place for outdoor adventures like hiking, surfing perfect waves, snorkeling, diving, bodyboard, para-glide, kayak, beach volleyball and so much more.

You can find different beaches, waterfalls and snorkeling spots. It isn't a problem to find something to do, you can choose what to do as there is just so much to choose from. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll probably never ask yourself what to do on Oahu. It doesn't matter how much money you have because there are so many free things to do on Oahu.

Tasty traditional food

Here food is something amazing as it includes different cultures in Hawaii. Each of them add their own flavors, creating the true tastes of Hawaii. Here you can taste poke, Korean BBQ, or order Thai, Huli Chicken, or try Garlic Shrimp or visit the many Food Trucks on Oahu. Many traditional dishes on Oahu are originally brought over from Pacific Polynesian islands.

Laid back lifestyle

Hawaii’s Lifestyle is so laid back. Try to learn the culture of Oahu, so you can find that many residents are willing to help you with the learning process. They are hospitable, so you can build good relationships with the people who have lived there all their life.

Oahu is considered as the best place to live in because of the environmental factors, low crime, satisfied people and life expectancy. Don’t rush things here on Oahu, live and enjoy life. Accept the island and its culture.

Awful traffic

Traffic can be a problem for you if you live on Oahu far from where you work. It is one of the worst places for traffic. Oahu is very car-centric, despite some improvements in public transportation and bus systems. Avoid commuting during peak hour because a 15-minute bus ride can take up to an hour or more. If it happens often, take a book with you to waste time. Try to remember always that you’re living the laid-back island life.

The main problem of such traffic is lots of cars and old infrastructure that can’t keep up with the volume. If you want to go to the other island, the best way to do that is to catch a regional flight from Oahu to the next island.

Low crime levels

If a serious crime is committed here, it is difficult to hide it because there are only several places for you to go. You are in the middle of the ocean. You can't disappear and avoid punishment. That's why there are minimal armed robberies and homicide. Also, here you can meet robust neighborhood watch programs or some level of law enforcement presence.

High price of living

To live here is very expensive. Gas, groceries and rent cost are considerably more than on the other parts of the world. On Oahu, there is a huge shortage of affordable housing. Income levels are far lower than the rest of the mainland. Rich people who come here on vacation buy up properties and turn those high-priced rentals, so to rent a house here is more than double the average cost in the state. Also, you will have huge expenses such as phone bills, internet and electricity. That's why the cost of living on Oahu is significantly higher than in most places. As of March 2022, on Oahu you can buy the median single-family home for $1, 050, 000.

You will pay high prices for food because it is mostly imported from the Mainland. You can save money if you buy in bulk in Costco. In addition, if you’re military, you can shop at the commissary and save you a lot.

Huge bugs

On Oahu, you can meet different bugs such as the centipedes or huge cockroaches that fly. Also be careful with mosquito that can bring illnesses. If you want to get rid of the bugs, hire a pest control company.

Downtown Honolulu

There is a well-developed and modern hub for businesspersons on Oahu. Here, in Honolulu, you can find local companies, banks, well-known companies, courthouses, government buildings, etc. That's why Honolulu is considered as one of the most developed urban centers of all the islands.