The average cost of living in Honolulu Hawaii

People want to move to Hawaii because there are beautiful islands with pristine weather, rich history and surrounded by vast ocean. However, you should understand that paradise comes at a high cost.

For some tourists Hawaii is an once-in-a-lifetime experience because the average trip cost to Hawaii per person is about $2,000 a week to lay under the sun. White sand beaches, mountainous landscapes, and the crystal blue Pacific Ocean attract people to live there.

As we have mentioned before, Honolulu is an expensive place to live. There are some reasons of the high cost of living here. First reason is the space In Honolulu, because new homes that can be built each year are limited. It means that competition for houses affect the costs.

Next, the cost of product imports increases the cost of everything from clothes to gas. Most products, furniture, medicine must be shipped from the mainland United States, and companies pass on additional cost to the consumer. So residents in Honolulu have to set a higher budget for basic product and essentials costs.

Finally, tourists, who visit Honolulu each year, can increase costs in local markets, so even eating at a restaurant can be more expensive than in the USA.

If you want to live in Honolulu, keep in mind that your budget now won’t be the same as when you live there. Here you can find all information you need to know about the average cost of living in Honolulu.

What Is The Average Cost To Live In Honolulu?

According to the studies, the cost of living in Honolulu requires residents to have an income of $130,000+ if they want to live comfortably here. However according to the U.S. Census, the average income in Honolulu was around $85,000 in 2021. So, it shows that many Honolulu residents don't have comfortable life. states that the cost of living in Honolulu is 89% higher than the national average with property cost at 203% higher than the national average.

Cost of Living in Honolulu, HI

The cost of living in any state can be different based on factors such as the average salary, your career, and the real estate market of that state. Honolulu, Hawaii's cost of living is 58% higher than the national average. In 2022, prices were increased at 1.9% from a year ago in Honolulu, especially in Food, Transportation, and Housing sphere.

Cost of living for one person
Total with rent $2,495
Without rent $978
Rent & Utilities $1,516
Food $677
Transport $109
Monthly salary after tax $3,859

Honolulu Apartments

Prices for rental apartments in Honolulu are some of the highest in Hawaii. It is connected with its proximity to the business area and majority of the jobs in Honolulu.

The average cost for single family home rents
Studios $1,100 - $1,500
One-bedroom $1,500 - $1,800
Two-bedrooms $1800 - $2,200
Three-bedrooms $2,200 - $3,100

Transportation In Honolulu

The cost of transportation depends on where you live – outside of Honolulu or downtown area.

If you live outside of Honolulu, you’ll then need to consider the cost of driving your car. Now gas prices is about $3.52 per gallon in Honolulu. If you want more affordable type of transportation, take the bus to Honolulu, it will cost about $2.80 per ticket, although it is not a good choice for daily commute.

You need to rent a parking spot, if you prefer to work in downtown, especially if your company can't provide it. Parking place costs from $100 to $300. Also, you can take the Honolulu Rail Transit to work.

Grocery prices in Honolulu are 62% higher than the national average. For example:

Loaf of Fresh White Bread $6.59
Milk (regular), (1 liter) $1.76
Eggs, x12 $5.23
Cheese, 1 kg $19.7
Banana (1kg) $4.22
Water, 1 L or 1 qt $1.64
Toilet paper, 4 rolls $5.88
Cold medicince, 1 week $11.8
Hair Shampoo $7.02


Eating Out
Dinner in a Restaurant, for 2 $73
Fast food meal $9.45
Lunch Menu $15
Beer in a Pub, 0.5 L $6.15
Cappuccino $5.35
Pepsi / Coke, 0.5 L $2.39

What Should You Consider When Moving to Honolulu

You may think that the cost of living in Honolulu is high, but many residents can tell you how they love living in there and give you recommendations to make your moving there easier. What you should know as the future resident of Honolulu:

  • Heavy traffic – In Honolulu, it is better to work remotely because there is a heavy traffic especially when you are driving along cliffs and oceans.
  • Terrific and awesome wildlife – In Honolulu, you can enjoy breathtaking coral reefs, pods of whales, and wild animals. But you need to be careful because you can meet also snakes, spiders, and other natural fauna.
  • Moving to other islands is natural – You can easily visit other islands, spending day trips in some areas of Hawaii or enjoying weekends there.
  • Opportunity to get discounts – If you are a resident, many places can offer you discounts. All you need is to show your local ID or driver’s license, so you don't need to worry about the cost of living in Honolulu.
  • Expensive visit to the mainland – If you work in the USA or like to travel to the mainland, it will take much time and money. For example, to travel from Honolulu to Los Angeles will take about six hours and the ticket will be not cheap.

It can be difficult to move to Honolulu than elsewhere in the United States, but this city will offer you plentiful rewards. People who live in Honolulu or who has moved there recently can tell you what their experience is like. We recommend you before moving to Honolulu get a few different perspectives about living there.