Moving to Hawaii in 2022 – Pros and Cons

Life is full of different places to explore. When you hear the word "Hawaii", you imagine what exotic white sand beaches and high jungles you can meet. Choose Hawaii for moving as it is an incredibly popular tourist destination. If you dream about switching things up, think of Hawaii. So why do people want to move to Hawaii? The main reason is the excellent year-round weather. So, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape or spend an afternoon at the beach.

You can change your regular life, terrible weather or an uninspiring career path for tropical rainforests, or towering volcanoes. You have a chance to experience a different and interesting culture, among new friends and neighborhood. We promise that you will find that Hawaii is an amazing place to live there. Hawaii is like no other state in the USA.

However, be careful, because there some things that are impossible to ignore. Maybe they can become some reasons not to move to Hawaii in the first place. In the end of our article, you will be able to answer this question for yourself: Is Hawaii a good place to move? Let's look at the pros and cons of moving to Hawaii.

Top Pros of Moving to Hawaii

  • Perfect Infrastructure – Hawaii is considered as the major tourist attraction; a crumbling infrastructure can negatively affect Hawaii. However, the state tries to maintain the excellent infrastructure here. You can easily and safely navigate Hawaii. Drivers can get from one place to another without any problems because of its numerous connecting roads. Though the government is still developing certain parts of Hawaii, you can easily use private and public transportation. You can find public transportation in main cities of Hawaii. You can take busses the entire length of Hawaii.
  • Opportunity for Work – Hawaii gives a good opportunity to work, especially for those who have already accepted a position with a company located in Hawaii. People are moving here to work as medical professionals such as nurses, and doctors at hospitals. You can find also other professions in a variety of industries such as government contractors, agents, plumbers, builders, electricians, developers, and many more.
  • Perfect Climate – As you know, Hawaii has a tropical climate. So here, the weather is one of the best things. If you prefer to live in a warmer climate year-round, you will love the perfect winter in Hawaii. If you don't like the cold then Hawaii is what you need. Here every day is like a summer day in July or August about 80 degrees. Such weather will make you feel good.
  • National and State Parks – If you love visiting parks, you will be probably happy to live in Hawaii. Here you can find five national parks and 50 state parks. If you want to understand better what life in Hawaii is, visiting all parks here will the best way as each of them represents part of the rich history of Hawaii.
  • Amazing Beaches – Imagine early morning sunrise on Hawaii beach. Here you can find more beaches than anywhere else in the world. A sandy beach is the first thing most people think of when they want to move to Hawaii. You won't be disappointed because there are 100 beaches to see. You can visit most of the best beaches on the eight main islands. Waikiki Beach is the best in Hawaii.

Top Cons of Moving to Hawaii

  • Bad Public Education – If you going to live in Hawaii and you have children, it is a bad news for you – the public education system here is not good. Public schools can't operate satisfactorily because they don't receive the funding they need. You can choose private schools for your children but they are expensive. Here many families can't allow such education.
  • High Cost of Living – If you are going to move to Hawaii, you need to balance your budget any way you can. The average cost of living in Hawaii is high.
  • A Large Homeless Population – As living in Hawaii is very expensive, there is a large homeless population. Most of them are the victims of robbery and rape. With no money they spend years on welfare, they don't have home to live and then become homeless. The state can't help them because they have a limited amount of money to solve this problem.
  • Bugs Are Everywhere – If you want to live in Hawaii, you should be used to see bugs everywhere in your house. Even the cleanest homes have bugs in them eventually. We promise you that you will see flying cockroaches that are three inches long.
  • Problems with Water – Most of the cities in Hawaii primarily rely on rainwater because here the natural resource (water) is hard to come by. Only in Hilo and Kailua-Kona you can easily get water at home as they have better water infrastructure than any of Hawaii’s other cities. Also, Hawaii has one more problem connected with water – dangerous bacteria, Leptospira. Many of Hawaii’s freshwater ponds have the bacteria that can cause symptoms similar to the flu.
  • Volcanic Smog – When you are going to move to Hawaii, you should understand you will be living near volcanoes and slow-moving lava flows are real that can be dangerous. If you have problems with respiratory, remember about vog that includes volcanic ash and gasses.
  • Problems with Trash Collection – Hawaii doesn't have a good system of trash collection. In some locations, it can be your responsibility to haul your garbage. Trash collection services are limited in some locations. The main problem is a lack of waste management companies. Also, recycling is not taken very seriously here.