How Much Do Beach Houses Cost In Hawaii?

Hawaii is a beautiful place for people who are looking for a relaxed style of living with year around warm weather and white beaches. Probably everyone dreams of living in a beach home in Hawaii. You can find most homes, located next to the sandy beach, on the island of Oahu especially in the North Shore area, Kailua, Kahala, Makaha, the Diamond Head and Ewa Beach. Limited numbers of beach homes for sale are located in Moloka'i, Maul and Kauai.

Oceanfront houses represent the true Hawaiian experience. The best way to invest your money in Hawaii is to buy ocean view real estate. Also it helps you be sure that your family will enjoy the islands and gorgeous beaches such as Waimanalo, Lanikai, Sunset Beach, Kailua and others.

Interest in buying properties in Hawaii is going to grow that's why Hawaii has the most attractive housing markets. Buying a home on the Hawaiian Islands amid swaying palm trees, warm breezes, and ocean views is a dream for many people, creating huge demand for the island properties. Your dream can come true if you own a vacation home in Hawaii.

Is It Expensive To Buy A Beach House In Hawaii?

Today more and more people want to buy a house in Hawaii because they fall in love with the islands and beaches. More than 8 million tourists visit Hawaii each year. This affects the demand on Hawaii's Oceanfront and Beachfront. Hawaii offers approximately 110 miles of shoreline, and about one-third of that is Beachfront, that's why it is a great demand and a very limited supply for beach houses.

The price of beachfront houses in Hawaii has been rising steadily and giving more opportunities for investors and homebuyers.

Demand for Hawaiian properties outweighs supply significantly. According to the data from Vacasa, many people who desire to own oceanfront homes, buy them even haven’t seen. They trust assessment of the home to their agent's because they know everything about real estate market.

Beach houses on the Hawaiian Islands are located in single-home residential communities, gated developments, condominium projects and multi-acre estates. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, and Lanai offer different price, style, and amenities for properties. Each island has its own microclimates such as dry or lush and green. It is important to find an agent who is the expert in details like rainfall, weather, and things to watch for when buying property.

How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Beach House In Hawaii?

Keep in mind, all the Hawaiian beaches are public, you need to know it before buying land in Hawaii.

The number of homes for sale in Hawaii currently stands at 5,950. A median list price for Hawaii’s houses is $751,000 and an average price per square foot is $609.

Most buyers put down 5% or 10% of the purchase price for conventional loans (if you are going to buy a house for $800,000, you are required to put down 10%, and the down payment will be $80,000).

In February 2022, total sales of properties in Hawaii fell 7%. But overall home prices have still increased strongly with a 22.05% growth overall. About 595 homes and 774 condos were sold in February 2022.

Real Estate Statistics according Hawai'i Information Service for the month of February 2022:

Single-Family Homes
County #Sales Median Sales Prices
Hawaii 225 $515,000
Maui 86 $1,058,500
Kauai 44 $1,341,000
Oahu 241 $1,125,000


County #Sales Median Sales Prices
Hawaii 83 $545,000
Maui 162 $730,500
Kauai 43 $762,500
Oahu 486 $497,000

What Types of Property Purchases Can Hawaii Offer?

Today Hawaii lacks housing supply, which increases prices. Also people who want to purchase leasehold houses may not qualify for 30 year mortgage rates. This factor affects Hawaii’s unique real estate laws.

You can choose two different types when buying a house in Hawaii: fee simple and leasehold.

  • Fee-Simple – House buyers have complete ownership of their property that includes the land and any changes or improvements to the land in perpetuity.
  • Leasehold – Homebuyers do not own the land but they have a right to use the land for a predetermined amount of time. When the lease is end, the land reverts to the lesser.

Is It Worth To Buy A House In Hawaii?

People choose houses in Hawaii because of its peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, green parks, amazing golf courses, hiking, urban life, and culture. Some of them decide to buy property on the beach. Hawaii is the heart of most real estate investment interest and investment is going to grow.

Oceanfront real estate market in Hawaii is historically low, and as many people start looking at retirement, quality of life, health and lifestyle, we notice a huge growth in buying of beach houses in Hawaii.

Picture yourself walking on the white beach at sunrise and sinking your feet into the blue waters of the ocean. Imagine swimming with fishes and rinsing off in your outdoor shower of your beach house. Picture yourself having lunch with your family on a deck, and then sneaking out for a moonlight swim.

Hawaii Trusted Realty offers a wide variety of houses including beachfront, monthly vacation rentals and vacation homes in Hawaii. You can choose large estates or homes on the beach that can house small and large families. We carefully select each home for overall quality, beachfront views or beach access.

We offer quality and professionalism as our passion is to make you feel at home in Hawaii and experience “Aloha” completely.