How many islands are there in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are an amazing land that we can call it as a paradise. These islands have their own culture, language, nature, food, and attractive views. Everyone around the world dreams to touch to a piece of paradise. You also have a chance to change your usual life and spend your vacation in the paradise.

That's why many people ask such interesting questions, “how many island are there in Hawaii? or which island in Hawaii is the most popular?" The Hawaiian Islands are special because include a rich history that affects our life even today.

There are a great number of islands in Hawaii 136 Hawaii amazing islands. 129 islands are not inhabited and include small islets, coral islands and coral reefs. Other seven islands are inhabited. These islands were created by hot spots within the Earth’s crust, raising them to the surface deep in the middle of the Pacific.

The most famous islands in Hawaii are the eight largest of the island chain. However, many tourists know only four largest islands such as Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu.

Hawaii Island

Big Island or Hawaii Island is the largest island in the Hawaiian island chain. Total area is about 4,028 sq. miles. This island is less populated because it was the most recently formed, and includes still active volcanoes, for example Kilauea. Big Island has five volcanos and one of them is MaunaKea. Close to the summit of MaunaKea tourists can visit Lake Waiau.

The population here is about 149,000 and most popular cities are Hilo and Kona. Hawaii Island is well known of its Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the black lava fields, the jet-black sands of Punaluu Beach, the snow-capped heights of Maunakea, the lush valleys of the Hilo and much more. So the question, how many islands are on Hawaii, lead to the first island Big Island.


Oahu is called also "The Gathering Place", and famous for its diversity in culinary, entertainment and art traditions. The state capital of Hawaii is situated here and called the city of Honolulu. The majority of Hawaii’s diverse population live in Oahu and includes East and West cultures that have their own traditions of the Native Hawaiian people. So when somebody is interested in how many Hawaiian island are there, the first island comes to the mind is Oahu.

Here you can explore Oahu’s different regions, different activities, exclusive restaurants and various accommodations.


Maui is considered as the second largest island of the Hawaiian Island chain. The total area is 727 sq. miles with its population about 117,650. The largest dormant volcano crater in the world is also here and called Haleakala. The most populated city is Wailuku. Maui is known for its Haleakalā National Park, Wailea resort areas, the gasping landscapes of beaches, golf courses, mountains, luxury neighborhoods.

Climate in Maui is different in each part of the island, for example, it is warm and tropical in some areas, and others have dry and chilly weather. So if you start to consider, what number of Hawaiian islands are, pay attention to Maui.


Though Molokai is called the "Friendly Isle" but it is the least-visited of the major Hawaiian Islands. It is known for the highest sea cliffs, tourism, coffee plantation, untouched landscapes and a National Historical Park.

Population of Molokai is about 7,400; a total area is 260 square miles. Molokai Island has dormant volcanoes and two major ridges. These ridges include east and west part of the island. Here you can find only one hotel, the Hotel Molokai. So, how many island make up Hawaii? Molokai is one of them.


The total area of Kauai is 592 square miles, that's why it is considered as the third largest island in the Hawaiian island chain. The "Garden Island" is covered with mountains and coastal cliffs. Here the climate is wet because of its lush greenery and high rainfall averages throughout the year.

So Hawaiian islands, how many are there? Kauai is what you need. This island is known of its amazing waterfalls, bright tropical plants, majestic scenery and lush greenery, the breathtaking Waimea Canyon, the beautiful valley of Kalalau.


Niihau is also called the Forbidden Isle. If you are interested how many islands are there in Hawaii, so Niihau is considered as the seventh largest island in Hawaii that spread across 180 sq km. Non-native Hawaiians are not allowed to stay here. Only about 250 people live on Niihau, who are considered as the native Hawaiian residents. On Niihau, you don't find shops, restaurants, cars or hotels. Residents get around on foot or by bike. The climate here is very dry because it doesn’t receive a lot of rainfall.

Niihau looks like a wonderful dream you don’t want to wake up from.


Lanai is called also "Secluded Island." In the early 1920s, there was pineapple plantation but now it is known of its tourism offering two new excellent resorts. Here tourists can find big enticements such as Hulopoe Beach for snorkeling or Fisherman’s Trail that will you hike along the breathtaking coast. In addition, visit the southern coast of Lanai where you can play golf in the world-renowned Manele Golf Course.


So if you want to know, how many Hawaiian islands are there, Kahoolawe is the last island we are going to mention in this article. This island has the most interesting history and is the most shrouded in mystery. During many years, it had been used for cleaning up unexploded shells. Without permission, you are not allowed to go ashore. If you participate in volunteer work, you have a chance to visit Kaho’olawe.

Though this island is empty and barren, it is beautifully alive in more ways and worth to visit it.

It is easy to understand why Hawaii is considered as a paradise island. Here you can meet volcanic mountains, white sandy beaches, sweeping canyons, national parks, lush waterfalls and much more. In the article we've tried to answer the question about Hawaii islands how many are there? These islands are worth discovering.