Guide To Fishing In Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Big Island

If you are looking for the best places in the world for fishing Hawaii, go to The Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is famous for its amazing scenery, the glittering waters of the Pacific that give every tourist an opportunity to experience a Hawaii fishing adventure.

Fishing in Hawaii is not only a hobby. It represents a significant part of local culture, as fishing was one of the main sources for sustenance on these Islands when they were first occupied.

Today for tourists it is a good way of relaxing with friends and enjoying the thrill of catch. But you need to understand that for Hawaiian people it is not just a pastime. You need to respect their way of life when approaching their waters.

fishing in hawaii

Are You required to Have Fish Licenses In Hawaii?

You don't need a Hawaiian fishing license for recreational saltwater fishing. However, if you want to practice in fishing in the freshwater options on Oahu or Kauai, we recommend you to get one for that. You can do it online or on Island.

What A Fisherman Needs To Know About Hawaii’s Fishing Regulations

You should know that fishing in Hawaiian Islands in many areas are strictly regulated by the size of nets for fishing, seasons, number of catch. These regulations are important as they were created to preserve the fish population.

  • Minimum sizes and weights

You should follow certain requirements as to what size and weight of freshwater fish can be caught.  You can obtain this information when receiving a fishing license.

  • Seasonal saltwater fishing

Certain shore fish can't be caught in certain months of the year, for example such fish as Moi. In addition, there are some restrictions for fishing Hawaiian lobsters because it can be caught seasonally and with special tools.

Fishing in Oahu


Oahu is considered as the most popular Hawaii Island. Every angler knows that here they can meet an impressive number of fish in Oahu, you just have to choose what to catch.

Warm Pacific waters are full of game fish such as Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, Maha Maha and others.

Also you can be interested in fishing in Hawaii around Oahu’s vibrant reefs like Wrasse or Trevallies. We also recommend you bottom fishing in Snapper or Grouper. You can find a big population of Bonefish in sandy flats or catch Bass and Tilapia in fresh waters.

If you enjoy prefer Hawaii inshore fishing, there are many places to cast your line and catch Bluefin or Surgeonfish. Also you can choose night fishing, be sure local fishers will help you with a good spot for your shore fishing escapades.

Fishing in Maui


Maui can offer every tourist sandy beaches, endless sun, and amazing views.  But Maui fishing is definitely something that deservers your attention because it has a lot to offer to every type of angler.

On Maui, you can see a diverse group of species in these waters because it is surrounded with the ocean. The most popular style of fishing on Maui is sport fishing, as it requires deep waters farther offshore. There you can find such big game fish as wahoo, striped marlin or blue marlin.

Bottom fishing requires lighter gear than deep-sea fishing. Families with children choose such kind of fishing and can catch barracuda, Hawaiian hogfish, grey snapper and others.

If you don't like to spend an entire day at sea, consider Hawaiian shore fishing. Maui offers stunning beaches for this kind of fishing. Here you can catch triggerfish, wrasses, bonefish and others.

If you are interested in a new activity connected with fishing, choose spearfishing. You need to have a spear, snorkel and a mask for catching goatfish, unicorn fish, goatfish and more. This activity takes place in the shallow waters.

Fishing in Kauai


Kauai's shoreline offers amazing spots for shore fishing in Hawaii except for natural area reserves or military bases. The best places for the daytime fishing are Polihale State Park and Ahukini State Recreational Pier. Don't forget to take your own equipment.

Due to the dropped coastal shelf, Kauai is considered as one of the best island in Hawaii for big game fishing. Any angler can catch pelagic big game fish as they swim close to the island to feed. In addition, you can find wahoo, dolphin fish, marlin or yellowfin tuna.

Thanks to its deep waters close to the shore, Kauai offers great deep-sea fishing. You can charter a boat or join a fisher trip with other anglers.

Fishing in Big Island


On the Big Island, you can find the best fishing in Hawaii. Near Kona anglers can catch many varieties of big game fish such as sailfish, black marlin, striped marlin or the pacific blue marlin. The Big Island’s Kona Coast is the best place for deep sea fishing. Also you can catch some of the smaller fish like Mahi Mahi or Tuna.

Anglers from all over the world come to participate in one of the most exciting activity of fishing - Big Island of Hawaii Sport Fishing. The thrill of catching the Pacific Blue Marlin that can reach over a thousand pounds in weight is what you will remember forever.

If you want to be successful in hawaii shore fishing on the Big Island, take your rod and tackle to the jetties, beaches and piers or join an experienced crew who knows where fish hang out.

Let's Get Fishing!

Hawaii is synonymous with fishing; and it remains an important part of life for many hawaiians today.  If you like fishing, Hawaii is a prime destination. Imagine yourself catching fish in the turquoise waters of the Hawaiian island and marveling at amazing views.

If you are planning on a fishing trip to Hawaii, try to make your trip unforgettable and exciting. This article gives you a complete guide to fishing in Hawaii. We recommend you to learn more important things that you need to know before fishing.

Now when you have read our article, remember to take note of the best places to fish in Hawaii that your fishing trip would be enjoyed to the fullest.

No matter when you decide to fish in Hawaii, or what fish you decide to catch, or what equipment you choose for fishing - you will spend an amazing time fishing. It will be a great adventure in your lifetime that you would not want to miss.