CO 19-18 (Bill 89) Honolulu – New Short-Term Rental Rules For Oahu

Oahu is known as the "Gathering Place," and considered as the most visited place of all Hawaiian Islands. There are many reasons why Oahu is the perfect year-round destination. You can find here excellent beaches, shopping, historic landmarks, natural wonders, vibrant coastal culture and tasty food at premier restaurants. The trip to Oahu will become an experience of a lifetime for many tourists. You will feel truly at home while staying here. The island will send you home with unforgettable memories of Hawaii.

As we know, the Island of Oahu is considered as the part of the City and County of Honolulu. The Land Use Ordinance governs most land use in Oahu. Mayor Kirk Caldwell of Honolulu signed Bill 89 (CD2) on June 25th 2019 that had been approved the City Council. Now it is known as Ordinance 19-18 and confirms earlier legislation on zoning for tourism accommodation. It defines penalties for illegal renting a house in Oahu and Bed & Breakfast accommodations.

Why Bill 89?

Vacation rental permits have not been allowed since 1989, therefore the City and Council permits haven't regulated the majority of TVUs and B&Bs. That's why Hawaii bill 89 tries to keep residential neighborhoods from being overrun by STRs giving the benefits of STRs for hosts and guests. Tourists prefer to use different platforms such as AirBNB that affect the owner-operated rentals and increase the lack of affordable housing available for residents of Oahu. That's why, after years of debate City and Council approved Bill 89, introduced by Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

  • The City County defines “Short Term Rental” as the commercial use of the residence with a lease period of less than 30 days. That' s why rentals are divided into two categories, Bed & Breakfast accommodations and Transient accommodations (TVU’s).
  • The State of Hawaii defines Transient Vacation Units as the providing of a rental room for anything less than 180 days. The City and County of Honolulu refers Transient accommodation to less than a month rental Hawaii.

An amendment to Bill 89 has allowed the County to issue about 1,700 permits for Bed & Breakfasts across the island in 2021. Using a lottery system, these permits have been issued by the Department of Permitting Planning (DPP).

 It does not allow any long-term rentals Oahu outside of the resort zone without a Non-Conforming Use Certificate (NUC).

What Is Bill 89

Ordinance 19-18 prohibits monthly rental Hawaii that are outside the resort district without a Non-Conforming Use Certificate (NUC). Resort districts are controlled by certain areas within Waikiki, Kahala, Ko Olina, Makaha, and Kuilima.

Residential homes or condos that are rented out for less than 30-consecutive days per tenant are referred to STR (short term rentals). Bed & Breakfast homes are defined as short-term rentals with the homeowner or permanent resident living with the guests in the same dwelling.

Transient Vacation Units (TVUs) also belong to short-term rentals that are transient vacation rentals without the homeowner living together with the guests. Transient Vacation Unit rentals include whole home rentals or “unhosted” rentals.

The new Ordinance doesn't allow short-term rentals outside the resort district without a NUC, and restricts rental terms no less than 30 consecutive days per guest. TVUs are not allowed in non-resort areas even if you possess a NUC.

A limited amount of Breakfast & Bed accommodations is permitted in non-resort areas under the new registration rules and annual renewal requirements. But they are not allowed for renting more than two rooms with no more than 4 guests at any given time. In addition, the homeowners must reside in the same property together with guests in order to define as a short-term vacation rental. Tourists are not allowed to rent house north shore Oahu due to the North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan.

Bill 89 sets out serious penalties and fines for illegally apartment shortened rentals for less than 30 days especially if they do not comply with zoning requirements.

What Are Operational Requirements?


  • Rental Use Certificates

In some parts of Oahu, owners of vacation rentals must receive and periodically renew a “nonconforming use certificate” from the City and County of Honolulu.

  • Construction and housing requirements

Oahu has regulations that determine special standards for buildings, design, and maintenance of properties such as requirements on safety, habitability and health.

  • Other important rules

It's essential to follow other rules that bind you, for example leases, cooperation rules, or rules determined by tenant organizations.

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